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I Make Stuff: I’m Making a Sweater! (Part 2)

Left and Right Front Belted Pant Coat

The left and right front panels were the next step in my crochet sweater makery. This involved shaping the armholes and the neck, which turned out not to be as scary as I thought it would. Again, the whole pattern is double crochet so the actually stitch work is very simple and straightforward.

The one new element to making the front panels was learning to join with a double crochet. Crocheting the right front proceeded in typical left to right fashion. But the left front is a mirror image of the right. Positioning the shoulder in the correct place, i.e. over the armhole, meant I had to cut the thread and begin stitching again in the right place. Making the joining stitch a double crochet meant the new thread could be attached seamlessly.

The instructions were clear enough, but not having done this technique before I decided to watch this brief web tutorial to make sure I got it right. After that, it was a piece of cake.

I don’t know about you guys, but this thing sure is starting to look like a sweater to me.

Belted Pant Coat in progress

Check back for my next installment, wherein I make sleeves!


I Make Stuff: I’m Making a Sweater! (Part 1)

Belted Pant Coat Pattern Image from "The Crochet Closet"

Actually, I’m making a “Belted Pant Coat,” according to the pattern. 🙂

I’m using a pattern from The Crochet Closet by Lisa Gentry. It’s a great book, actually, and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for simple patterns for woman’s garments. The instructions are very clear and there are great color photos showing each finished garment from different angles.

This is really the first project I’ve tried that will have to be made in pieces and assembled later. The back, left and right front, sleeves, collar and belt loops are all crocheted separately. More than anything, it’s the construction of the sweater after the fact that has me worried. What if they don’t all fit together? What if my left front comes out two inches longer than my right front? Eek! I never thought of crocheting a sweater as an act of faith but now…

Oh well, first things first: I had to make a swatch. Swatching is something I never do because when you’re making scarves, obtaining an exact fit isn’t much of an issue. It’s a step that I completely take for granted but it’s simple enough. I crocheted the requisite number of stitches and rows of double crochet and voila!

Swatch for Belted Pant Coat 4"x4"

My swatch came out to the right dimensions (on the second try) and I was ready to crochet the back. The entire sweater is made with double crochet and the armhole shaping turned out the be simple enough. So it’s all good, right?

Belted Pant Coat - Back

Wrong. Even though I my swatch was the right gauge, the finished back of the sweater was not. It actually came out a couple of inches shorter than the given dimensions of the pattern. Of course, I didn’t realize this until the back was finished. Would have been nice if I had read the section on gauge first, where they advise you measure your piece every three inches. That’s one to grow on. 😐

Am I going to rip this all out and start over? Not so much. Whatever the outcome, the process itself will be instructive, so I’m going to focus on the journey moreso than the destination. I’m just going to hope that the discrepancy in my gauge remains consistent throughout so the front pieces will match the back.

Emphasis on the “hope.” 🙂

Stay tuned for my next installment wherein I make the left and right front panels.

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